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Web design is a unique art form of it's own. Some sites have a real knack for web design and others don't. I enjoy surfing for web design examples to time to see what others are doing. In this section I have collected a few of my favorite sites for others to see.


One of the more interesting sites I have run across makes 100% use of the Cascading Style Sheet's. If you are an avide web designer you need to test your skill on this. The challenge is to create a new web design by the use of the style sheet alone. Leaving the main content pages alone. By swapping out the style sheet, the successful web designer can change the look and feel of the web site without touching the organization of the content. Don't miss out on this great example (and tutorial) of the proper use of style sheets in your web design.


This is a funny site. Vincent Flanders gives some good information on web design practices by highlighting bad web design. He has a cool new tool called Dr. HTML. This tool will identify any errors or issues you may have with your web design and code. Only problem is, he only let's you check 5 pages a day with it.

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