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One of the great advents of the internet is the plethera of tools available for use. If you are creative, you can combine any number of these tools to obtain any number of normally expensive tasks. The biggest problem is finding the tools that do what you want. Many directories are available to catalogue these tools and I will not try and mimick them. What I will do, is to keep tools and links that I have found beneficial for my purposes. Feel free to check them out. (Most of these are free or inexpensive items that really help)

Desktop, Networking, and Management Tools

VNC - Remote Access Tool
A great tool for remote access without the cost

Webmin - Linux Management Tool
A great management tool for Linux Servers. If you are managing your own servers, this can be a real help.

Putty - Telnet and SSH for Windows
A Windows Terminal for telnet and SSH.
DNS Troubleshooting
DNS issues can be a head-ache if you don't know what you are doing. While moving sites it can take up to 78 hours for full DNS propogation on the internet. By viewing responses from different locations on the net you can get an idea of the progress. has a good tutorial to help you troubleshoot as well as some good tools to help you in the process.

Here are a couple of other DNS tools located in different areas of the internet that you can use as well.
DNS Lookup Tool
If you need to know which server is handling your Domain Name, this online demo page from IntraDNS can be a big help.
DNS Stuff has many good online DNS lookup tools as well as other TCP/IP testing tools that can help you interogate your network issues from many perspectives. You can even check the cache of many major DNS servers at one time. This is one of my favorites.
Geographic IP Location
This site has a quick lookup tool to help identify where an IP address is coming from.

Programming tools

  • General IDE/Scripting Tools

    PSPad - a great IDE for coding
    A good multi-syntax script editor with support for FTP, HTML-Tidy, Top-Style Integration, Macro's, and other nice capabilities.

  • PHP Tools

    PHPEdit - A good PHP IDE
    A great IDE designed for PHP development. This IDE incorporates the help files from, has built-in code completion, and remote debugging for PHP.

  • Perl Tools

    Open Perl - A good Perl IDE
    An open source IDE for developing in Perl.

  • MySQL Tools

    A Great Windows GUI for interfacing with your MySQL and PostgreSQL Database.

  • Design Tools

    • HTML - Learn to do it by hand first. Then check your design with Dr.HTML.

    • The Accessibility Tool Bar - From the 'National Information Library Service' provides many valuable services in the development of your web design. It has built in links to many on-line tools for evaluating your web design. This tool is a must if you are a web designer

    • DHTML Menu Builder - SoThink makes a great DHTML menu building tool at a low price. It was used for the menu on many of our sites. I highly recommend it.

    • CSS - TopStyle is a great program to help you with your CSS Validation and Development. Try the free version or get the full power of the Pro version from BradSoft. (Yes, My affiliate link :-)

  • Image Editing Tools
    • Gimp

Marketing/SEO Tools

  • The DM Link Checker - Feel free to use our Link Checker to check your site for broken links.

  • It's here!! Do you need to check your ranking on Google? Our new Google Check Tool will help you keep track.

  • Link Popularity - Download this link popularity tool for free. Find out how popular your sites are (according to multiple search engines).

  • Word Tracker is a must for any SEO project. It will help you find your most effective key phrases to optimize your website for all the Search Engines.

Project Management Tools

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