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The Gathering

Ok, we have selected a development group to help with our internet project, now we want to get together with them to go through some administrative information gathering and discussion. Here is where we want to clarify the project with the development group, answer any unanswered questions about our specification, and introduce ourselves to the team players.

The Project Managers

A very important part of any successful project requires project management to keep the project moving forward. Many times this will include one member of the development group and one member of your organization. You should have identified your Project Manager by now and have them at the meeting(It may be you!). Your development group should identify a person on their side as well. These two should be involved with as much as the project as possible to insure all issues are known about. This could mean access to all project logs, or just cc: on urgent email correspondance.

The Team Members

All the team members should be identified. This includes people within your organization which will help in the identification of any business processes or information gathering. This will make it easier for the development team to find what they need in a short amount of time. You will want to know the developers for they may be calling you or your team members.

Information Gathering

Any prepared content should be delivered at this time. This will help the design team identify the outline for your site. Any sketches you may have of your dream, or other input you want to give before they begin the process. The development team will more than likely have a number of questions for you.


Graphics can be a big part of any site. If you have any graphics you want included in the site, this is a good time to deliver them. At least be prepared to identify them and define a way of making them available to the development team.


Provide the team members with both internal as well as external contacts they should be aware of. People within your organization which may be of help, or vendor contacts which may be needed for integration or other purposes.

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