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Digital Mason is now looking to grow our database of local designers and developers.
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Do you need help tracking your results in Google? Our Google Ranking Tool will help you keep track of your Google Rankings.

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Digital Mason is a full service Internet production company.

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Testing your Internet Project

Whether your project is a brand new website or just a face-lift of an old one, there is nothing more embarassing than having broken links or javascript errors when you roll it out. Testing your project is imperative.

Before you roll out your project, try running it through these simple tests:

  • W3C Link Checker - The W3C has a very extensive link checker that can help you check out your site from their on line tool. You are also welcome to try out the Digital Mason Link Checker. These tools help make sure you don't have any bad links on your site.

  • W3C HTML Validator - Check out your HTML code.

  • W3C CSS Validator - Upload your style sheet to have it validated.

  • Dr. HTML will review your page to identify many different possible issues.

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