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Digital Mason is a full service Internet production company.

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Project Management is a very important part of any successful project. I have explored many content management applications and have settled on a very well thought out application called phpCollab. This application is actively being developed on the SourceForge - Open Source network, with many promising modules in the works. Some of the current functionality includes:

  • Document Sharing
  • Version Control
  • Team Member Notifications
  • Project Bulletin Boards
  • Dynamic Gant Charts
  • User Management
  • Project Site Pages - (for customers and members alike)
  • Task/SubTask lists
  • Request Tracking
  • And more...

My goal at DigitalMason is to provide online project managemet and allow all team members to have access to the project materials they need. From our Contractors, our project managers, to our Clients, we want our communications to be as easy and as documented as possible. This helps keep everyone informed and mitigates confusion among the members of the team. phpCollab is helping provide this service.

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