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Digital Mason is now looking to grow our database of local designers and developers.
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Digital Mason is a full service Internet production company.

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Website Development Sites (great resources for your development efforts)

A collection of good links to development resources

  • The Microsoft Transition Filters - this shows you how to do all the fancy Microsoft transitions in your browser.

  • The Robots Pages This site will help you with your coding for the robots. It has a list of active robots, who they are, their purpose etc...

  • Detecting Browsers - the Browscap.ini
    Gary Keith keeps up with some good information on the browser types.

  • - this is a great site explaining DHTML and CSS/Javascript issues. If you are having problem understanding the differences between browsers and doctypes check this out.

  • Web Page Design for Designers - This is a good page covering many different CSS and Javascript topics. Covers short examples of CSS Positioning tricks, and some nice DHTML functions like turning div's on and off for 'help' page type functionality.

  • A List Apart - This site has a good article covering CSS positioning of footers. Great information if you are serious about using CSS.

  • CSS Discussions - Having troubles with formatting your boxes for both IE and Netscape. There are discrepancies and this article will help explain your fix.

  • CSS Filters - This site is dedicated to filtering out the CSS issues with the different browsers.

  • CSS Layout Techniques -Eric Costello has put together a great collection of cross browser CSS layout examples at and freely offers them up for others to use.

    This site has a great catalog of browser differences with respect to CSS. What works where and what doesn't.

Developer Resource
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